How Can Massage Benefit Stroke Victims?

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1 Answer

There are many forms of stroke rehabilitation – the most common of which are physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. However, massage therapy is rarely considered as an option – despite it being proven to be an important part of a stroke patients rehabilitation. If anything, massage in any person whether they have suffered a stroke or not is incredibly relaxing. It can also help reduce stress, improve circulation around the body (most importantly to areas affected by paralysis) and can also decrease pain. A study was recently done in Sweden on the benefits of massage on stroke patients – with very pleasing results. The results showed that patients who received tactile massage each day had a significantly higher quality of life as well as an improvement in general hygiene and health. They also required less medication – in particular for depression and pain. Another study conducted in Hong Kong showed similar results. It showed that a group of patients who received ...
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