How can my baby become a sears or jcpennys catalog model, she is a doll, please help?

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You will need to find a reputable modeling agent for your daughter, but it all depends on where you live. Major companies like Sears or JC Penny hire will hire models out of major modeling markets like NY, Miami, LA, Dallas or Chicago. If you are living in or near one of these major markets you will need to find a list of reputable agents. I would suggest to trying a child modeling forum for parents so you can find some leads on some good agencies, I would suggest backstage.com, I-village, or themodelchild.com. Most parents who have blazed the trial ahead of you are more than happy to pass on information they have gained. Make sure you don’t spend money on professional photos. Babies don’t need them; child models don’t usually need them until they are three or older. Legitimate agencies will accept snapshots. more
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