How can we maintain viable population of such species without inbreeding?

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Inbreeding need not be 'common' in endangered species but there are higher chances of it happening due to their small population. If the population drops drastically due to, say, poaching and then if it continues unabated, the population will go extinct before inbreeding kicks in. If we have identified and solved that problem, then we have to assess the risks of inbreeding in the longer term. Inbreeding need not happen over very short time scales. It depends on the generation time of the species and the level of loss of genetic diversity. To tackle inbreeding, the only solution is to introduce variation by bringing in individuals from another area. What is your take on the WII study done by Dr SP Goyal that suggests avoiding genetic mixing of tigers from various landscapes? I have no clue why and on what basis he says they cannot be mixed. The barriers and fragmentation of habitat that we see today are all due to human-made changes. In fact, the tigers should be brought from other ... more
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