How close did the allies come to losing World War 2?

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There has been much debate over the actual state of the German nuclear weapons development program during World War Two. The generally accepted version is that - after losing its top native researchers (most of whom were Jewish) as well as many from occuppied countries - the German program was unable to muster the intellectual and econmic muscle needed to do what was done in America by the Manhattan Project. And yet, with the war in Europe over, those self-same intellectually challenged scientists while held in detention were recorded as understanding exactly what had happened after being told of Hiroshima. These raises the question of what was the true status of the German nuclear weapons program. Friedrich Georg addresses this issue in HITLER'S MIRACLE WEAPONS: Secret Nuclear Weapons of the Third Reich and their Carrier Systems volume 1 - Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. As is obvious by the title, author Georg is writing a multi-volume volume series on german high-level weapons R&D ... more
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Another point of view: (1) the German defeat was sealed when they invaded the Soviet Union.  That was an unwinnable campaign for the Nazis that guaranteed the Soviets would eventually ride roughshod over Germany. (2) the Japanese defeat was sealed when they attacked Pearl Harbor.  They could not compete with a country with five times Japan's industrial capacity, and American anger over the "dastardly" attack ensured the war would not stop until US forces occupied Japan.

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