How dangerous is mold?

Linda Watkins

dangerous is mold…


I happen to know quite a little about mold. These creatures — yes, mold is alive, it’s a fungus — are both terrifying and fascinating. Mold can not only make you sick; after several years, a mold infestation can bring down an entire house.

You see, mold makes people sick, but that’s not their purpose. They’re not like a virus that enters a host and consumes what they find inside. Mold actually feeds on wood, glue, wallpaper, and whatever other organic material they can find on the structure of your house. What makes you sick are the spores released by the mold, which are how they reproduce.

As for how dangerous they are, that depends on how serious the mold problem in your home is. Fungal spores are everywhere in the world, and they are harmless in small amounts. Mold only becomes a problem when the air inside your house starts making you sick. If left unchecked, mold growth can lead to acute respiratory symptoms, which can land you in a hospital.

If you think you might have mold in your house, you can get a mold inspection from this site: