How did Adolf Hitler change the world--in good ways and bad?

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Answer Greetings This is not an easy question but I will attempt to answer it. Adolf Hitler changed the world on many levels. His dictatorship led to a world war that redrew the map of Europe. World War 2 led to the rise of the United States and the Soviet Union as the 2 world super powers. Hitler's war led to the fall of the French republic and the disintegration of the British Empire. Under Hitler's rule Germany did build a massive Autobahn system that was a predecessor to the American interstate system of today; that could be bad or good. Hitler's scientist found new ways to explore space, rockets, and how to kill on a scale not seen before, death camps. Hitler's racist views led to millions of innocent civilians being round up and shot, gassed, starved, and other terrible things being done to Jews, Slavs and others. Even Nazi doctors carried out torture of women and children a disregard of their Hippocratic Oath. Hitler's quest for power lead Japan to see that they wanted a part ... more
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