How did France and britain affect others imperialist goals in north america?

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The U.S. got its political heritage primarily Britain and France and modified these forms of government to adapt them to a newer age, a new land and a unique nation and people. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Imperialism is a pejoritive term for a country's foreign policy and international relations, characterizing them as expansionistic - interms of influence, business, social, political and teritorial. Imperialism, in its simplest terms, began with man and history, and if you believe it, in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve went to eat from the forbidden tree: they took what did not belong to them. From the earliest tribes, they made incursions upon each other. Eqypt, Babylon, Alexander the Great, Rome, Ghengis Khan, USSR, US Continental expansion, US worldwide dominance following WWII - all territorial and other expansion or expansionism, if you will. I'm specifically trying to avoid getting into the controversies. From around the 1500's, Europe: Spain, ... more
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