How did Hitler discrimination against the Jews?

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Segregation: Hitler's government carried out a policy of herding Jews into specific areas (cf. Ghetto) Boycotting shops: German's were discouraged from using Jewish shops. Krystallnacht on the night from the 9th to 10th November 1938 was aimed at destroying Jewish businesses and homes. This is why is is also known as the 'Night of broken glass'. Star of David: Jews were obliged to sew a yellow Star of David on their clothing, showing everyone that they were Jewish. Ghetto: Forcing ethnic/religious minorities to live in a specific area of a town or city. The word is Italian and was first used in Italy, probably in Venice. (cf. Segregation) Cattle trucks: These were used to transport Jews to the death camps. I live in a small town in Switzerland which is on one of the rail routes between Italy and Germany. A Swiss woman, who is over 70, once told me that she had often heard cries for help coming from a train held overnight at the station. Since Switzerland was neutral during WWII, this ... more
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