How did Jefferson view the whiskey rebellion?

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He saw Hamilton putting down a rebellion that could never be found against people for the sheer pleasure of suppressing liberties. What was the result of the Battle of Fallen Timbers? Ceded most of Ohio to the United States. Fallen Timbers, battle fought in 1794 between tribes of the Northwest Territory and the U.S. army commanded by Anthony Wayne; it took place in NW Ohio at the rapids of the Maumee River just southwest of present-day Toledo. The Native American defeat hastened the collapse of indigenous resistance in the area, secured the northwest frontier, and demonstrated the strength of the new national government. Anthony Wayne, 174596, American Revolutionary general, b. Chester co., Pa. Impetuous and hot-headed, Wayne was sometimes known as mad Anthony, but he was an able general. After the victory at Fallen Timbers (1794), he secured (1795) the Treaty of Greenville with the chiefs of the defeated tribes, who ceded lands in the Northwest Territory. This was the first treaty ... more
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