How did medieval monks dress?

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1 Answer

Medieval monks wore clothing of a simple and symbolic nature, as befitted their dedication to their religious faith. The color of a monk's clothing often identified his specific order.MonksThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a monk as a member of an all-male religious order housed in an isolated site called a monastery.ColorMonastic orders often distinguished themselves by the color of their habits, or outer tunics, according to The Middle Ages Website. Benedictine monks, or "Black Monks," adopted a black-wool habit, while the "White Monks" in the Cisterian or Carthusian orders wore white.Daily WearOn top of their habits, medieval monks wore a wool neckpiece called a scapula and had an attached cowl for the head. Monks also wore shoes and stockings.Extra ClothingA typical medieval monk owned two sets of clothing, wearing one while washing the other.
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