How did prehistoric people live?


How did prehistoric people live?

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Prehistoric people were hunter-gatherers. The men hunted for animals, the women gathered fruit, nuts, berries and other edible plant products. Men made simple tools and weapons from wood or bone or by chipping stones. Clothes were made from animal skins. They made boats from scooped-out logs. Where possible, they made simple tents from branches and skins, or mroe durable structures of wood or stone. Early on in the development of humans, they learned the use of fire. Gradually their tools, clothing and homes became more complex. They buried their dead with objects that might be useful to them, like tools, needles, jewellery made from bone and shells for instance, which suggests that they may have believed in an afterlife in which these objects might be useful. Humans probably lived in small tribal groups, like surviving hunter-gatherer societies do today. They frequently migrated in search of food, and as the Ice Age came and went people retreated before the ice, then came back again w

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