How did queen elizabeth I influence shakespeare?

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Elizabeth was a popular monarch and her reign colored England's world view. The optimism of the renaissance was magnified not only by her love and patronage of the arts which florished but also by her good fortune in foreign affairs. Her popularity influenced Shakespeare's histories which painted the Tudor family in a positive light while portraying the House of York as less than legitimate. The play "Richard the Third" is a prime example of this in that Elizabeth's grandfather defeats evil Richard on Bosworth field. Shakespeare was also kind to the Lancasters, the Tudor's forebears, in his "Henry" plays which were said to have delighted Elizabeth enough to request a sequel for the character of Falstaff. Overall, Elizabeth influenced Shakespeare's TIME more directly than she did his work specifically. She fostered a society where an artist like Shakespeare, and MANY others, could not only survive but could flourish and bless future generations with outstanding work. "The Elizabethan ... more
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