How did Russia's withdrawal affect World War 1?

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1 Answer

Actually - - - it didn't do much - - - yes The Germans & the Austrians in theory could move their troops to other fronts but in actual practice the Austrians & Germans had already shot their wad and were unable to gain by Russia's withdrawal. Had the Russians ended combat as few as six months earlier, perhaps, a different outcome, but because of internal bickering, the Russians dragged out the actual date of ending the conflict and the Germans (always acting stupidly) waited far too long to begin drawing down their forces. Now here is one your teachers might not mention! BECAUSE of the turmoil in Russia, because Russia withdrew its forces, and because the Germans did not censor the news, news about chaos in Russia emboldened those forces inside Germany & Austria to start up strikes & to agitate for their own Governments to step down. The chaos inside Russia invigorated the chaos inside Austria & Germany and ultimately helped to defeat those two nations. more
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