How Did The Election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 lead to the Secession of the Confederate States?

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... This is because to state that only the election of Abraham Lincoln led to secession would be incorrect and too simplistic. Bruce Collins in the "Origins of America's Civil War" argues that the war was too complex for there to be only one factor. Instead, the South (which was known as the Confederate States of America) seceded from the North (also known as the Union) for many other different and complex reasons. They wanted to succeed because there were four decades of great sectional conflict between the two. Between the North and South, to summarise broadly there were deep economic, social and political differences. It did not help the fact that the South wanted to become an independent nation, as they believed they did not have enough states rights. Slavery was also a key issue with regard to the American Civil War, this is because the two sides had contradictory ... more
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