How did the Empire State Building get its name?

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1 Answer

Actually, the Empire State Building got its name from New York’s nickname, which is known by the “Empire State”. It is not unusual for developers to name streets, buildings and highways by naming them after famous people, events, places or nicknames of states, cities or towns. • How many light bulbs does it take to light up the Empire State Building? Answer: The Empire State Building has 3,194,547 light bulbs, but unsure if any of those light bulbs are environmentally safe. • How many steps does the Empire State Building have from street level to the 102nd floor? Read more in History« The Most Ravishing Women of All Time: Six – Queen Emma of The South SeasTime Warp: A Strange Encounter at Versailles » Image Source Answer: The Empire State Building poses a real fitness challenge for anyone wanting to climb the stairs to the top, because there are 1820 stairs and at least a 30 minute climb awaiting the challenger. • There have been rumors that at one time, the Empire State Building was ... more
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