How Do Bile Salts Emulsify?

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1 Answer

Medical Definition The liver creates a detergent-like chemical, stored in the gallbladder, that absorbs certain parts of food and prevent others from absorption as well. Bile salts are created from bile acids conjugated to glycine or taurine and secreted in the bile from the liver. The main purpose is to breakdown fat globules for easier digestion and absorption in the intestine by emulsifying them. Bile salts is mixture of sodium salts of the bile acid and cholic and chenodeoxycholic acids produced in the liver as a compound of cholesterol. The presence of bile salts also increases the quantity of bile and returns through the capillaries and to the liver by way of a portal vein. Emulsification Emulsification involves the bile salts surrounding the fat molecule with the sterol part of the salt inside the fat, while the carboxyl and polar parts affect the outside. The reaction causes a droplet of fat to become soluble in water and decreases the interfacial tension of fat from food ... more
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