How do birds hatch their eggs in the winter?

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1 Answer

Every year flocks of birds fly back and forth between their winter and summer homes. When they return to us each summer they build nests and hatch their eggs. For this reason we may expect them to lay eggs when they go back to their winter homes in the fall, but they do not. Some of our birds fly to the Gulf states to spend the winter, others fly farther south to Central and even to south America. The Arctic terns spend the summer in the north polar regions and fly down to visit the south polar regions during our winter months. Many birds of the Arctic fly south to spend the winter in British Columbia and other parts of Canada. They are used to chilly polar weather so the winters of Canada seem warm to them. These terns., plovers and other northern birds arrive in Canada in the fall when robins are leaving to fly farther south. In the spring, the game of musical chairs changes around. The Plovers and their friends fly back north and robins come back to take their places. We expect ... more
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