How do Bulgarian men traditionally treat their woman?

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80: Woman and man have equal rights in Bulgaria (by low and as a fact). The contemporary Bulgarian families are no different from standard European family - both of spouses are working, taking care about housekeeping, etc. Unfortunately there are still families (mainly low educated and/or from small and pure villages) where the man is "head of the family" (he earns the money) and he has the rights to treat his wife as he like. more
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My experience of bulgarian men - is that they tend to lack respect for european women - perhaps reflecting the "head of the family" mentality. This is sad because they have much to offer - but culturally they are quite different from the western european male - sensitivity being low on their list of attributes.  There is a cultural divide - I would accordingly advise any western european female to enter tentatively into a relationship and keep their expectations low. 

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