How do Hindus pray?

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A. Hindus pray generally at a temple or at home with pure heart and mind.


The sign of showing respect in India is to join both the palms facing each other vertically. The level of the palms can be at heart, throat, forehead or above the head. At the heart level, it shows an expression of loving devotion. At the throat level, it shows an expression of a servant to the Master. At the forehead level, it shows an expression of respect because of the acknowledgement (by knowledge) of the greatness of God. At the level above the head, it is an expression to tell “Lord, it is You who has become everything in this world. There is nothing in this world but You.” The traditional prayer of the Hindus means this: “Oh Lord, You are the Light of the world. Please enlighten my understanding. Let me see everything in the right light.” The prayer does not ask for anything else. This prayer is called the Gayatri. The idea is that we learn from mistakes and suffering in life. It is the hours of sorrow that remind us of God. So merely asking for freedom from misery and sufferin