How do I account for the time appropriately when billing code 95920 (intraoperative testing)?


This code is billed along with the code for the particular evoked potential or other neurodiagnostic test that is being performed intraoperatively. The evoked potential code or other procedure code covers the usual baseline test time of 20–60 minutes and one adds one unit of code 95920 for each additional 60 minutes of monitoring beyond what is normally done. These questions should be asked less frequently now that the definition of this code has been revised to include more details on how it is to be used. Code 95920 is set up so that the typical use is one in which the physician is present in the room monitoring one patient. Being in the room is not absolutely mandatory, however. Note that the local Medicare carriers that allow off-site monitoring ask that there be one-on-one attention paid to that patient when monitored at a distance. In that setting, having one physician watch lots of rooms is not what the code was meant for—at least that’s not what the reimbursement rate was set u