How do I activate the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Visa Reward Card?

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2 Answers

You can activate the Reward Card by using the card number and activation code (provided by the purchaser) at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Visa Reward Card Web site at www.baml.com/rewardcard, or by calling 1.866.300.8288 OR the Purchaser may have already activated the Reward Card for you. Please check with the Purchaser to determine if the Reward Card is activated or not. At the time of activation, you will be asked to select a passcode which will be the same for the phone and web and must be numerical from 6 to 16 digits. more
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I got a reward card number 4853 9800 2335 7935 and my name is Mary Comeax.My problem is that no were on the papers I got with the card do I have an activation code. Could you pleae send me one or tel me what to do. It is no already activated because the operater ask for the number.

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