How do I add freon to a refrigerator ?

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You probably don't need to add freon to your refrigerator. People usually ask this question when their refrigerator doesn't seem to be able to keep up with the stuff you put in it. 1. check the bottom of your fridge, there is an air intake grill at the bottom, make sure this is clean and free of lint/ dust 2. make sure the thermostat inside is set properly 3. don't overload the freezer section. the cold air for the fridge comes from the freezer, and if you have too much stuff in the freezer, it will stop the air from being able to flow to the refrigerator section 4. Finally, if you're a little bit technically capable, check the back of the refrigerator, for a small 1/8" hose going down the back of it- make sure this line is clear and free of gunk If your refrigerator needs freon, there would have been a clear moment when the freon was let out- puncture, break, crack, etc. If this happened there would be oil all over the bottm compartment of the fridge, and probalby the wall behind it- ... more
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You shouldn't do this. If it does not reach max levels of coldness, make sure its not on "energy saving mode" thoug you may hava extra humidity.

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