How Do I Alphabetize The Folders In My Favorites On AOL?

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1 Answer

Other browsers provide options to do this automatically - for example, in IE, you can right click and choose "Sort By Name" - but AOL doesn't. You have to manually drag and drop your favorites into alphabetical order. It's annoying, yes. Newsgroup post on the matter: "Peggy, There is no option to alphabetize "favorite places" unless you want to drag/drop one at a time. (I actually did this once, for about 200 favorite places, and then received one of those awful automatic updates that erased my efforts.) I've complained to AOL about this numerous times, but my complaints have obviously been ignored. Who knows? Maybe one of these days AOL will listen to its subscribers and pay less attention to their marketing department. I would expect that this issue has been discussed on the AOL beta testers list, but we are still waiting....sigh.
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