How do I beat oogie boogie on kingdom hearts?

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1 Answer

As the battle starts, Oogie Boogie starts throwing explosive dice at you. Defeat the Gargoyles he sends your way before you do anything else. After you've done that, get a lock on Oogie as he runs around the perimeter. He'll start throwing regular dice to determine what type of attack his giant roulette wheel will use. Some of the attacks include spinning and dicing blades that you must jump or run from to avoid, toy soldiers shooting guns, which you also must jump to avoid, and buzz saws, which, you guessed it, you have to jump or run away from. When the little symbols near the inside of the circle light up, step on the one nearest Oogie. This creates a fenced in area in which the platform rises and you are carried to Oogie Boogie. From here, it's just a matter of hitting him with physical attacks. The battle will be over after a few rounds of this. Also, although magic doesn't hurt him, you can summon Genie to help anytime. more
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