How do I care for a month old pit bull puppy?

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1 Answer

Ok a 4 week old puppy is way too young to be without its mom. however since its the situation you will have to proceed.This little guy will require at least 4 or 5 feedings a day.Small feedings are better than large ones and don't leave food out all day as he will over do it. Contact your vet to find a suitable milk replacement. Do Not feed it any cows milk. The food will have to be pureed. (finely ground) The box or crate he will sleep in will need to have a warm blanket or a heating pad on LOW. Don't try to house break this pup at this age. Wait till he is around 7 weeks to start taking him out side.You will need to be sure to take him to a puppy obedience class as a 12 week old dog as he will never know he is a dog. He will need to learn how to act like canine. If you have access to the other litter mates its truly important he interacts with them. He needs to learn canine manners. It is not true that a female will lactate( produce milk) just because a pup is around. It is all up ... more
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