How do I care for my trach faceplate and stoma?

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1 Answer

It is important to look at and clean your stoma at least once a day. If you have a new trach you will have to clean the stoma several times a day. Look for redness, hardness, pus, and any fluids that may be stuck on or around the stoma. If you notice any redness, hardness or pus, call your caregiver. Dried fluids need to be removed carefully and as completely as possible. Gather the items you will need to clean your stoma: • Cotton-tipped applicators. • Tap water. • Three percent hydrogen peroxide solution. • A small clean bowl. • A trash container. Wash your hands carefully and dry them completely. When cleaning the stoma, work from the stoma toward skin. Be careful as you work under the faceplate of the trach tube. Dried fluids or any other matter should not go into the stoma opening. • Pour some hydrogen peroxide into the bowl. Pour an equal amount of water into the bowl. • Dip a cotton-tipped applicator into the hydrogen peroxide and water mixture. • Lightly roll the applicator ... more
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