How do I change my thumbnail photo (login user icon) that comes up on my email and some other Mac docs?


When creating a user account OS X, depending on the hardware, either presents a set of icons to choose from, or if an iSight Camera is build allows the user to picture of themselves. You can change this icon or picture following the steps below: • Optional – Prepare the picture you want to use. You could use a graphic file, or take a picture using an iSight camera. You can also ignore this step if you plan to use one of the supplied icons provided by Apple. • Open System Preferences. The System Preferences application launches. • Select the Accounts pane. • Select your account. • To to use one of the supplied icons click on the current Icon/Picture button and replace your current icon/picture with the new icon/picture of your choice. • To use use a new iSight picture, iPhoto picture or graphic image, open a Finder window, locate the file and drag it over the current picture/icon button and drop it. • Close System Preferences.

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