How do i change the wick on my kerosene heater?

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1 Answer

Controlling fuel costs, having a toastier heat and a mobile heat source are a few reasons why people use kerosene heaters. A contaminated wick diminishes the efficiency of the heat and emits an odor. Miles Stair's Wick Shop says the wick is the heart of the kerosene heater. No matter how old or how new a kerosene heater is, problems arise if the wick is dirty and the replacement wick is too thin.When to Replace the WickMiles Stair's Wick Shop says wick replacement is needed when the wick is thin and ragged and burns with a ragged-edged flame; the flame doesn't curl around the top plate of the catalytic converter, the heater is hard to start, even after a dry burn, the wick is hard, not supple and the wick burns irregularly at an uneven height. Each time you change the wick at the beginning of the heating season, Miles Stair's Wick Shop suggests it be "dry burned" to increase the heater's efficiency. Take the heater into a well-ventilated area, and pour one qt. of kerosene in the tank. ...
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