How do I check the transmission fluid on a Chevy HHR?

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1 Answer

The Chevy HHR is one of Chevrolet's new vehicle offerings that is a cross between a high-performance vehicle and a wagon. Hearkening back to the days of chop-top coupes and other modified street cars, the HHR is an ideal mixture of performance and comfort. The HHR has an automatic transmission and like all automatic transmissions, the fluid level will need to be checked now and then to make sure everything is functioning properly and there is no damage to the transmission internals. This is a fairly easy process for most home mechanics.Check Fluid LevelThe first step in checking the transmission fluid is to check the level of the fluid to make sure it is sufficient. Start the HHR up and leave it running. Pop the hood and raise it to expose the engine and other mechanical settings. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick near the rear of the engine compartment and then have a friend shift through all of the HHR's gears, including reverse, before pulling the fluid dipstick out of the ...
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