How do I configure TunerStudio for the Innovate LC-1 or LM-1 / LM-2?

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1 Answer

For a long time we guided customers on how to re-program their LC-1 / LM-1 / LM-2 to output a slightly different signal from default. The goal of this was to increase the resolution of the signal in the range of AFR most users will spend their time in. What we used to recommend was to program the output you were using to send a signal that represented a 10-20:1 AFR from 0-5v. While in theory this is great and does increase resolution a bit, in practice it's not really needed and is probably more trouble than it's worth for most users. The benefit of this is almost immeasurable, so going forward we recommend leaving the analog outputs on your LC-1 / LM-1 / LM-2 at their default settings (which is 0v = 7.35:1 AFR, and 5v=22.39 AFR). Then to configure the TunerStudio tuning software to allow your MegaSquirt EMS to properly talk to your LC-1 / LM-1 / LM-2 do the following: MS1/Extra: With your TunerStudio project open, go to: File > Project > Project Properties and click on the Settings ... more
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