How do I contact Flying J WiFi customer service?

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1 Answer

What if I have a wireless card that I use on other WiFi networks and I want to subscribe to Flying J WiFi access? You will need to change your Service Set Identifier (SSID), "also referred to as the Network Name" on your laptop to flyingj. The SSID differentiates one wireless network from another. The procedures for changing the SSID vary, based on wireless card manufacturer. Some client utilities will allow you to create a "profile" for each network making it easy to switch back and forth. For help, contact customer service at 800-870-9068. If I purchase WiFi access, can I use the high-speed data jacks at the Flying J's with the same log in and password? Located in the driver's lounge and select booths in the restaurant you will find Flying J data jacks. The Ethernet connection provides the same high speed access as WiFi access. Connect your Ethernet cable to the box. Open a web browser and log in just like when using WiFi service. There is some added security in a wired connection. ... more
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