How Do I Create 1/4 Page Flyers?

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1 Answer

Even with all the opportunities available for marketing a product or promoting a business--television, radio, magazines and billboards--one of the best, cheapest and most direct ways is to use old-fashioned flyers. Flyers allow you to more carefully target your audience, selecting a particular location or demographic. But at the same time, you still want to get the most bang for your buck. This means that if you can create an effective flyer on only one-quarter of a standard page, you can then print four flyers on one page, saving money. Fortunately, using the basic Paint program that comes with every version of Windows, you can quickly do just this. Load any images or graphics (such as your company logo or a photo of your store or product) onto your computer, either by copying them from a digital source like a camera or CD, or by scanning in printed versions. Decide what information you want to include in your flyer, such as the name of your business, what you offer, your address, ... more
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