How do I fill out a fingerprint card?

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1 Answer

Filling out a fingerprint card is a necessary act for those who need a security clearance, a hand gun license or even a simple background check. Filling out these cards is also much simpler than one would think. And if there's ever any doubt in your mind while filling in the proper areas of the fingerprint card, don't be afraid to ask the person who gave you the form what you need to do.Getting Your CardGet your fingerprint card. For most fingerprint security clearances and gun permits, you will have to go to the organization in person. Present the officer, clerk or security guard with your personal identification. You must bring at least two separate forms of identification. Use your documents and identification to fill out the card with pertinent information. Your fingerprints will have to be taken by an employee of the organization.Filling it OutWhen filling out your fingerprint card's information (name, address, contact information) it's important that you use ink. The ink should ...
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