How do I fill out the social security form SSA 521?

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2 Answers

Articles like this one are the reason that people are hearing about the SSA 521: SSA-521: How to Boost Your Social Security Payments By $1,033 Per Month. The bigger question for some folks who are a bit younger, near the time when they can apply for Social Security, is whether you should take early Social Security even if you don’t need it, with the intention of using it as an interest-free loan and withdrawing your application and repaying it in a few years. In my opinion that’s an ethical question as well as a political and financial one — the fact that this is a very new thing for the Social Security Administration means that they may well change the rules to counteract this loophole. And when you do file SSA-521, you do have to give a reason for requesting your withdrawal, whether you’re going back to work or something else. I have no idea whether they care what these reasons are, or if they ever reject these applications for withdrawal, or will do so in the future. <a rel=" ... more
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Obtaining an SSA Form for Personal Use If you would like an SSA form and do not see it on our webpage, you can request a copy from us. You never have to pay for an SSA form. All of our forms are free to the public. To request an SSA form, please call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or you can visit your local office. Search for a Form Find your form using the Form Search Tool: Search: For: SSA 521 ( Form Title/Description SSA-521 Request for Withdrawal of Application) ------ Form Categories Find your form by browsing in one of the following categories of forms and instructions: * Prepare for Your Interview * Benefit Claims Supporting Forms * Medicare Prescription Drug Help Forms * Other Forms * Forms for Other Agencies * Online Transactions (Forms that you can complete and submit online) ------------- Printing Forms SSA offers our forms in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files are printer independent using any printer. To read and print a PDF publication, you must have the ... more

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