How Do I Finish a Counted Cross Stitch Piece?

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1 Answer

Counted cross stitch can be used to create pillowcases, bookmarks, quilt squares, and framed wall art. Depending on the project, you may have quickly stitched an image, or you may be completing a labor of love which has taken months or even years to stitch. After you've put in a lot of work to create a beautiful counted cross-stitch piece you'll want to take your time to finish the item properly to preserve your work. Rinse your piece in warm water and then hand wash gently with a mild laundry detergent. As you work the piece do not pull on the fabric or thread, but gently press it up and down in the water. Rinse the detergent away and allow the piece to drain off any excess water without bunching or wringing. Spread a towel on a flat surface and lay your wet cross-stitch piece out flat. Start on one end and roll the towel up, catching the piece in the roll. Press lightly to squeeze out any extra water. Unroll the towel and the piece. Remove the towel and allow the piece to lie flat ... more
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