How do i fix a pull spring on my poulan chainsaw?

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1 Answer

Putting a new cord on a saw or mower is not a rocket science but it takes 3 hands and a good set of teeth. When I have to replace one I make sure that I don't completely remove the pulley that the cord wraps around. If you do, the spring will come off and it's sometimes terrible to get back on properly. Take the cover off of the saw and you will see the pulley and the direction that the cord is wound. Get a new cord longer than you need, you can cut it off later. Take off the nut or screw that holds the pulley in place and very carefully pull the pulley out just far enough to remove any old cord. Put the new cord on and wind the pulley enough to put tension on the spring. Replace the nut or screw and cover. Now pull the cord out a little until it has enough tension to make the cord rewind into the cover and replace the handle. Hope it goes well or you will have a lot of fun. Good luck. more
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