How do i get rid of a nuisance mulberry tree?

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1 Answer

This is a job for a specialist. We had a crabapple tree planted very close to our garage that was causing problems similar to yours. I had some feelings of remorse about cutting it, but it was threatening our driveway. We called an arborist - a tree surgeon - to have it taken out for us. We could have cut the tree down ourselves, but we could not have dealt with the stump. That requires a special piece of equipment called a stump grinder: http://www.waynewhitecoop.com/pages/Stump Similar to the one shown in the picture above. First, the tree is cut flush with the ground, then the grinder is brought in to grind up the stump and root ball underneath it. Although some of the roots may remain after this process, they have no source of nourishment, and they will die. I think it cost us around $200 to have the tree removed and the stump ground. My wife planted a nice rose bush in the place where the old tr
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