How do I make an MMORPG bot?


You need to know a lot to do that… first of all most MMORPG’s have some way of blocking third party programs. So your problem here is not to write the bot (that is the easy part) but your problem is to bypass the so called ‘wall’ against bot programs. I have never heard of Autolt… but then again I don’t know that much about computers, just some basics. I would recommend writing your bot in C++ it is easier to work with memory locations, and I think you also have to know Windows API so that you can figure out how to send commands like ‘walk’ ‘loot’ ‘kill/hit’ or whatever you have in runescape. You’d have to find some way to hook your program into runescape… And as for packets, you’d need to read them so that your bot would know how to orient itself and would be able to ‘see’ what its doing. I don’t think you need to modify any packets though… that would be a diff type of hack…. But then again I’m a noob when it comes to this. I could never write the actual bot, dunno how to by