How Do I Make Excite My Home Page?

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1 Answer

The homepage in your web browser is the first page that launches automatically when you start your web browser. Excite.com is a search engine that enables to to search for and locate content such as news, images, videos and more. Making Excite your homepage enables you to navigate to the web page quickly anytime you want by clicking the "Home" button in your web browser. Launch Internet Explorer. Go to the Excite homepage by typing "excite.com" (without quotes) in the URL address window and pressing "Enter." Alternatively, launch the Excite homepage by clicking the resource link listed with this article. Click the arrow next to the "Home" button and click "Add or Change Home Page." A new window launches. Click the "Use this webpage as your only home page" and click "Yes" to make Excite.com your homepage. Verify the change by clicking the "Home" button. Your browser redirects you to Excite.com every time you click the "Home" button. Launch Firefox. Go to the Excite homepage by typing " ... more
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