How do I make my homemade salsa taste less tomatoey?

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1 Answer

I kinda suspect that pureeing the tomatoes like you're doing in the blender -- rather than leaving them chunky, as in most recipes -- is probably adding a lot to the flavor. When they're in chunks, the taste probably doesn't get quite as overpowering. So taking the proportions that will work for chunky salsa and then blending it may produce really weird effects. Maybe you can look into some salsa recipes that don't use tomatoes as their base ingredient? There are lots of mango and peach recipes around, that you could play with. Or just do some searching and come up with some smooth salsa recipes. There's no shame in working from a recipe before you head off on your own -- it helps to have a place to start, something that works, and then modifying it, rather than re-inventing the wheel. Here's one that's done in a blender, and it starts out with canned tomatoes. Based on my SO's (very successful) from-scrach Itali more
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