How do I make terrazzo floors shine?

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1 Answer

Restoring Old FloorsRemove old wax and dirt from your terrazzo floors using a quality wax-stripping floor cleaner, then rinse thoroughly to remove all the cleaner. Allow to dry, then apply a thin coat of a penetrating form of terrazzo sealer to your floor. Buff the floor using an electric polishing machine after the floor has dried.Regular CleaningMop your terrazzo floors with a neutral cleaner made just for terrazzo floors, diluted following manufacturer's directions. Let the solution work for a few minutes, then mop it up. Change the rinse water often to remove all soil and avoid unsightly mop lines. After the floor dries buff it with a polishing machine if you have one. Use a stronger solution of the cleaner with an electric scrubbing machine if the floors have embedded dirt. Rinse the floors well. Reseal floors only if they have become stained, built up with soil, or do not recover their natural shine after cleaning and buffing. Avoid waxing terrazzo floors since wax makes the ...
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