How do I obtain a new water supply & Sewerage connection?

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1 Answer

The HMWSSB has introduced single Window clearance to speedup the process of providing new/enhanced water supply and sewerage connections to all its customers. The HMWSSB requires the following documents along with the application for quick process and sanction. Copy of Registered Sale Deed. Copy of the Municipal Sanctioned Plan. Copy of Municipal Tax Assessment. Do you know At present plot area is the main criteria for calculating the connection charges to be deposited to HMWSSB. As per HMWSSB rules, the plot area as per registered sale deed, or Municipal sanctioned plan which ever is higher will be adapted. Sometimes customers feel that for the simple process of getting a new connection by laying a line for a few meters, the Board is charging heavily. It should be borne in mind that the Board has to not only lay lines in your street but also construct reservoirs. Filter treatment works. Pumping stations and hundreds of k. m. s. of lines of various sizes before you get water at your ...
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