How do I obtain orders for active duty for training (ADT)?

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1 Answer

All orders and amendments must be requested and processed on line using the medical education website. All ADT orders are forwarded to students at the address on record at the Student Management Office. This is also the departure address. If orders are not received at least 21 days before the ADT starting date, contact the AHRC OADO Incentives Team at (800) 325-4729, menu option 5, then and menu option 2.Once you have received a copy of your orders, make several photocopies and place the original copy in a safe location. Always maintain a copy of government documents (i.e. orders, travel vouchers, etc.) for your permanent record in case disputes arise months to years down the road (as they sometimes do). Carry the additional photocopies with you whenever you travel to your ADT site.
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