How do I Order Food for Prison Inmates?

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1 Answer

Prisons vary from state to state on whether it is permitted to order food packages for inmates. A complete list of prisons that allow food packages is not currently accessible, but the prisons in Ohio, New York and California all permit food packages to be ordered for inmates quarterly and annually. Certain restrictions apply. Food packages must weigh no more than 30 pounds and be ordered online through an approved vendor to the prison. The inmate must also be on good behavior with the prison facility in order to receive food packages. Contact the prison in which the inmate is serving time. Call the central office to find out about any restrictions regarding ordering food for the prison inmate, and with which vendor services the prison is affiliated for ordering food for inmates. You cannot order food for inmates if the prison does not permit such services. Your only other option would be to place money on the inmate's books (account) so that he or she can purchase food within the ... more
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