How do I Program the Panasonic Light Tower Programmable Remote Control?

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1 Answer

The Panasonic Light Tower universal remote control is designed to make it easier to operate your TV, DVD player or other electronic device in low-light conditions. If you are fumbling around while trying to change the channel in the dark, simply press "Light" and the buttons will begin to glow. If you fail to press a button within five seconds, the illumination will automatically shut off. Consult your User's Manual and locate the code number(s) for the device that you want to operate. Press and hold the button that corresponds to the device that you want to control. For example, press the "TV" button to program your television into your Light Tower remote. Enter the code number while still holding the device button, then press "Power." If your device turns on, you have successfully programmed your remote. If it doesn't turn on, skip to the next code number in the manual and repeat the process. more
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