How do I read piano chords in sheet music?

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I found this question quite interesting. I assume you already play some piano and you are familiar with the keys, notes and letter names. Therefore, when you see "Am above an A" as you said, that simply means that the A minor chord which consists of three notes (A, C, E) would be appropriate at that point in the melody. It just happens that the melody note was A at that time. But having an A in the melody doesn't automatically mean play an Am chord. You could be playing an F chord or even a Dm chord because they both contain the note A. The F chord = (F, A, C) & the Dm chord = (D, F, A). However, you also asked why the Am above C (i assume in the melody) of another piece of music. Well, simply like I said before the A minor chord includes a C so they both would still sound nice being played together no A is necessary and you could even have other notes that would still sound nice. (I'll explain more later). When the chords say C that means C chord = (C, E, G) G is a G chord = (G, B, ... more
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