How Do I Remove Corns On My Toes Forever?

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Corns are the common name for calluses that form on the toes and feet. With corns, dead skin accumulates in certain area of the foot and becomes hard and irritated. These painful spots are usually caused by improper footwear like tight high heels, so they are particularly common in women. Deformities in the foot can also cause corns, in which case special shoes or surgery may be required. Corns can be very annoying but they're quite easy to treat and prevent. Consider changing your shoes. This is the most important step towards removing corns forever. Wearing poorly fitting shoes that are too tight or too loose is the most likely cause of your corns. High heels are especially bad for people with corns. Start wearing comfy shoes with good support, and your corns will soon disappear for good. Soak your feet to soften the corns. Getridofthings.com recommends a mixture of borax, iodine, and bran. These ingredients plus warm water is perhaps the best-known corn home remedy. Soak your feet ... more
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