How do I remove Gasoline / Kerosene Spills on auto carpet and upholstery?

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Gasoline / Kerosene Spills on auto carpet and upholstery What has occurred is that the petroleum has gotten into the open cell urethane foam & carpet padding and is fermenting and out - gassing. You must get enough Odor kill solution into the foam padding and carpet so that it can digest the residual organic petroleum molecules. Mix it 10 parts water and 1 part odor kill in a clean spray bottle. Generously spray and / or pour the solution on the upholstery and carpet so that it gets into it completely -- top, under / bottom. If possible, try to pull the carpet up so that you can get to the underside. Saturate it heavily, place a wet towel, soaked in the Odorkill solution under the carpet spot, and lay the carpet back down on it. Leave it there for at least 8-12 hours. Also put a damp towel soaked in the odor kill solution over the topside of the carpet area for 8-12 hours. Take it up and check for odor. Reapply if necessary. You will need to perform this treatment 4-5 times, over ... more
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