How do I remove Gasoline Spill on Ground and Mal Odors in the House?

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Gasoline Spill on Ground and Mal Odors in the House ATX’s does remove gasoline and other hydrocarbons, and all other organic matter. It is water based. It will take several treatments for the enzymes to digest the gasoline in the soil. Basically, the ATX’s solution rapidly speeds up nature’s decomposition process. I suggest that you first dig up as much soil as possible from the contaminated site. Spread it out on the ground. This gets as much of the source as possible. Treat this soil with ATX’s. 10 parts water and 1 part ATX’s. Then, I suggest that you mix it with 5 parts of water and 1 part of ATX’s. Pour it in the same spot where you spilt the gasoline. The liquid should follow the same route and digest the gas molecules. The area needs to stay moist. I would saturate the area with the solution. It may take a few treatments and a few days for the enzymes to work, depending on the mass of gasoline it has to digest. Be patient and keep treating it every day. Use your nose and ... more
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