How do I replace a 99 cougar front wheel bearing?

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Answer Hi Steve, Well, pressed, but it's not that easy. They may sell a hub assembly that has the bearing already. This is the method we use at the shop. Remove the tire and brake caliper. Remove the rotor. Remove the axle nut, axle from the bearing, lower ball joint and the strut retaining bolt. Reverse to install. If you decide to go with just a bearing which will save a $100 or there abouts, you will need to press out the hub. Remove the snap rings in the hub carrier or knuckle as they call it then press out the bearing. Reverse to install. If you run into anything weird, resubmit and I will monitor my mail. Let me know when your going to start. Special tools might be a ball joint fork, though you can pop it loose by beating on it, a gear puller to get the axle out of the bearing, again a good hammer is a solid substitute. Or, bring it to a shop and expect to pay about $300-$400. These are generic instructions, I have done a ton of them and they are all about the same. You will ... more
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